Vision, Mission and Strategy


QMW wishes to be recognized as a premier contractor and a reputable brand servicing the energy industry through management and technology and innovation, whilst achieving the highest industry performance in safety, quality, and ethics.


To deliver certainties in safety, quality, schedule and within budget, which exceed the expectations of our customers and shareholders.


01-Taking the lead in QHSES
We shall proactively develop and support the behaviors and attitudes that lead to a robust QHSES culture and excellence in performance.

02-Global business development with diversified products
We shall look to developing an expanded product portfolio, fabricated to the exacting standards of our Customers and marketed internationally.

03-Customer focus as priority
We shall identify our Customers requirements at all stages of a project and meet or exceed their expectations resulting in delivering certainty with our products and performance.

04-Continuously be cost competitive
We shall strive to ensure that, throughout all stages of our projects and product realization, we remain cost effective and competitive within the relative global markets.

05-Invest and focus on talent development
We shall ensure that our best efforts are made to establish that our workforce, through performance and pre-employment evaluation, is competent for the tasks they are assigned, training at all levels is given and talent and skill is encouraged.

06-Providing innovative solutions
We shall differentiate ourselves by encouraging early engagement with our Customers and proactively improve on automation and intelligent manufacturing in order to supply them with innovative fabrication solutions.

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