Highly skilled resources
and supervision

At McDermott Wuchuan, continual professional and personal development of employees is integral to our business success. We value and nurture our people to their fullest potential.

The McDermott-Wuchuan Training System is based on the McDermott Global Learning Management System, which utilizes a competence-based approach to produce the highest quality of education in

  • HSE
  • Quality
  • Ethics
  • Productivity
  • Craft Training
  • Yard Operations
  • Professional Development

Enjoy Career from
Online Courses

McDermott Wuchuan encourages multifarious training methods to enrich the training lessons. The online training app aims at modifying online lessons settlement, development, and benefiting more employees from online courses through multipath so as to scientifically response to the current epidemic.

Supported by HR department and Project Management Team,training organization method is adjusted and part of scheduled face-to-face training lessons are transformed to online courses during the COVID-19. The high-quality courses are published online to satisfy all staff. For the entry-yard subcontractors who have high demand on training, training mode is specifically changed to online & offline combination during the epidemic. The Wechat group is created during online training to solve problems during study. For those who have finished online training and entered yard, training will focus on offline summary according to the courses learned and on operation training program in yard so as to deepen memories for better study outcome.

Various online training courses are published to satisfy the demand of everyone, including not only professional courses for all departments, but also courses on performance management, career development and soft skill development. Moreover, high-quality courses are provided, of which company’s internal trainers with rich experiences are lecturers. All courses are closely integrated with company’s real operation and management, of rich content and practical significance.

The courses are designed to promote establishment of company’s training system, improve employee’s career ability continuously and create the atmosphere of “study from everyone, study every day” in company. The high-quality courses will be collected within company, and new courses will be updated to online training platform to provide more study resources for all staffs. Meanwhile, internal trainers will be encouraged and motivated to record more video courses and create new lessons based on their work experiences.

No matter what training mode it is, online or offline, the core is to create all-around and seamless learning space for training, forming the new training mode of “study every-where”.

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