Qingdao McDermott Wuchuan (QMW), a McDermott joint venture company, completed the sub-module stacking activity for a fractionation module being fabricated for the Yamal LNG Project. When complete, the fractionation module 715-PAU-001 will weigh 4,200 tons, or 8.4 million pounds.

The fractionation module was split into three sub-modules to maximize the indoor assembly work in QMW’s fully enclosed Module Assembly Shop. The shop consists of four bays, each 120 meters long, 50 meters wide and 40 meters high. QMW transported the 2,300-ton sub-module 1 to the open erection area on December 16, and three crawler cranes stacked the 640- ton sub-module 2 onto sub-module 1 on December 19. The stacking was completed successfully with outstanding teamwork from the project rigging, engineering and dimensional control teams. Sub-module 3, weighing 387 tons, is scheduled to be stacked next to sub-module 2 on sub-module 1 in early January 2016.

“This was the first time QMW adopted the sub-module construction methodology and carried out such a heavy sub-module lift,” said Li Qiuzhe, Project Manager, QMW. “Our success demonstrates that this methodology is a feasible solution for projects with fast-track schedules and strengthens the certainty of delivery for future QMW Yamal LNG modules.”

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