Qingdao McDermott Wuchuan (QMW), a McDermott joint venture company, recently completed the deethaniser installation activity for a fractionation module being fabricated for the Yamal LNG Project.

Following the installation of the DEPROPANISER and DEBUTANISER, the team completed the installation of deethaniser successfully on 30th Dec 2015 which is the last major equipment of module 715-PAU-001. This 137 ton deethaniser with the dimension of 43.5 meters height and 2.4 meters diameter was first outfitted with 50 number of internals on the ground and upended by 2 units of crawler cranes LR1750, lifted up to 26 meters high, slot into the module and finally sit on the pre-installed equipment support. A 3D laser-scan dimensional survey was performed on the entire column, including main nozzle position, base structure and equipment supports prior to the lift.

It is the first time QMW executed this scale of equipment installation which built up QMW’s track record of installing LNG columns and further promoted QMW’s competiveness in onshore LNG module fabrication market.

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