Performance/Reference Letter from Jord Oil & Gas Systems B.V.

The scope of work included construction engineering, procurement of bulk materials, fabrication, pre-commissioning and transportation of three process modules, related skids and a flare boom to be completed within six months (8 months from C.A.). JOGS awarded the contract to QMW in February 2014 after a robust audit of QMW’s fabrication facility and management system, based on McDermott global fabrication best practices.

“Our on-time, on-target completion of this project was achieved with zero recordable safety incidents,” said Leong Eng Chow, General Manager of QMW. “The design of the Qingdao fabrication facility and the mega-module fabrication shop that can accommodate large structures in an enclosed environment, was an essential element for delivering on the schedule for this fast-track project, allowing for continuous operations regardless of weather conditions.”

Fedor Van Veen, Project Manager, Jord Oil & Gas Systems expressed his deep appreciation towards QMW for the high quality of craftsmanship and efficient execution throughout the project. This is the first project that QMW has performed for JOGS.

“QMW facility worked so quickly and effectively, resolving a lot of challenges in a very flexible way”, said Dick Roest, Commercial Director, JOGS. “From a contractual point of view, it was very easy working with QMW and we welcome QMW as a partner.”

Leong Eng Chow, General Manager, QMW added, “We appreciate JOGS entrusting this work to QMW. An excellent client, JOGS is organized, collaborative, and transparent. We look forward to working with them on future projects. We remain confident in realising the full potential of our Qingdao yard by continuing to reward our customers with high quality work, performed safely, per plan and budget.”

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