QMW Holds a Vendor Day in Qingdao

On August 16, QMW hosted a vendor day in Hilton Golden Beach Hotel Qingdao with the APAC Supply Chain Management team.

Attended by over 300 vendors, the day included an introduction to McDermott, our business ethics, QHSES expectations, project overviews and a yard tour.

The purpose of the day was to; increase both QMW’s and McDermott’s brand presence in China; to demonstrate the transparency of the organization with an introduction to our business code of conduct and; to communicate with vendors and subcontractors in advance, on the upcoming needs on projects.

Senior Director Supply Chain Management, Adam Smith stated “I was really impressed by the professionally run vendor day that QMW held with over 300 vendors. They were upfront about how we run our business, our ethical compliance, our quality standards and they also included an introduction to the projects we are running too. It means McDermott puts our best foot forward when it comes to managing expectations from vendors.”

General Manager of QMW, Li Qiuzhe said “Based on feedback from vendors and subcontractors, they really appreciated the proactive communication from QMW and McDermott, so they don’t need to search for information on the company in a piecemeal way. Vendors said that the visibility allowed them to plan their business to help meet our upcoming needs. They also appreciated knowing that they are dealing with an international company with high ethical standards.”

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