Global Women's Network launches at QMW Fabrication Facility

In July, the Global Women’s Network launch and International Women’s Engineering Day celebration was held at QMW, Fabrication Yard in China. QMW General Manager Mr Li Qiuzhe, GWN APAC President, Jasmine Saluja as well as all female employees of QMW participated in this celebration.

With the subject of forging more Diverse teams which are proven to be most productive, Jasmine Saluja, President, GWN APAC, introduced the GWN vision and mission and shared 2019 Q1 and Q2 achievements with all female employees. Seeing women take up challenging roles, especially in the yard, set a great example for McDermott's other offices and teams.

Qiuzhe Li, General Manager QMW emphasized that women have multiple roles to play and with added responsibilities they need to carefully balance family and career. Qiuzhe Li said that understanding and tolerance should be given to women as much as possible, so that they can realize more in life and work.

During this session, employees had the opportunity to hear success stories of Zhu Guihua, Deputy General Manager and Wang Bei, Chief Treasurer, who were able to bounce forward in transformative resilience despite their circumstances. Their stories demonstrated that it is not circumstance that keeps one from emerging and succeeding, it is the character of the person.

QMW is excited to be part of GWN journey and to contribute to our Diversity goals. Chen Zhijuan, Engineering Manager and GWN China Country lead will be coordinating these initiatives from yard.

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