On 21 September 2012, McDermott Wuchuan hosted the Australian Steel Industry Mission which was visiting China with 15 delegates representing Australian suppliers, fabricators, educators, networking groups and government personnel.

The visitors from Down Under were briefed on McDermott Wuchuan’s capabilities and given a tour of the yard. They were impressed with the state-of-the-art facilities, particularly the massive module assembly building and its ability to guarantee on-time schedule with 24/7 operations and shelter from inclement weather.

The Australian Steel Industry Mission in turn invited McDermott Wuchuan general manager EC Leong, operations manager Bill Mcallister and HSE manager Tim Borne to a dinner event organized for the Qingdao area business representatives and local government officials.

The visit by the Australian Steel Industry Mission has established an important contact for McDermott Wuchuan and we look forward to developing strong relations with the Australian steel industry through more of such interactions.

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